Washington County,AR. Sheriff’s Office has some really great news

Showing you can’t keep a good man down Lt. Augustine who was hospitalized on March 15, 2016 after responding to a subject who was suicidal had shot him several times has returned home. The Lt. had some words to share as well.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office posted the following on their Facebook Page:   

ANOTHER MILESTONE ACHIEVED! We’ve got some great news to share…..Our Lieutenant Augustine was released from the rehab hospital today….and as you can see in the picture….he’s got a great little nurse taking care of him at home now…..his granddaughter, Rayleigh! smile emoticon
Here’s a note from Ti:

“I GET TO GO HOME TODAY! My road to recovery will be long but I can’t wait to get back to work. I love my job, and more importantly, the people I work with.

We are truly blessed and undeserving of the outpouring of support we have received. So many have done so much that I can’t begin to name folks, because I’m sure I would leave many out. We covet your prayers and thank you all for everything that you have done.

We love you all and know that this is all possible only through God’s grace. He gets the glory and praise! It has happened because of your prayers, and prayers work!”


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