Lawrence, IN. Police officer helps citizen who is homeless with a big problem

An officer in Lawrence who wished to remain nameless helped out a gentleman who was in desperate need of items yet never asked for anything. Thanks to the kind hearted nature of the officer and community the man was able to obtain a few items and perhaps his life will be a bit better.

The Lawrence Police Department of Indiana has an officer that they can be proud of. They posted the following to their facebook page: 

We were informed of this wonderful act of compassion shown by one of our Reserve Officers, who is so humble that he doesn’t wish to be recognized. The story needs to be told nevertheless. This is exemplary of the law enforcement profession, and speaks highly to the character of the officers at LPD.

There is a homeless man that frequents the Pendleton Pike and
I-465 area. He is easily recognizable because he is around 7 feet tall. He is very nice, doesn’t cause problems, doesn’t bother people and rarely does he ask anyone for anything.

A Reserve Officer who has come to know this gentleman frequently checks on him while working. On one of those occasions the officer observed that the gentleman’s shoes were torn up and were barely hanging together. The officer asked him his shoe size, which was size 17. The officer conducted some online research trying to find him some shoes, without much success. Then the officer had the idea to inquire with the Indiana Pacers organization, contacted them, and explained the situation. The Pacers graciously donated a pair of size 17 shoes that were made for a former player. The officer just picked up the shoes yesterday. In addition to the shoes, the officer also obtained some other donated items, such as socks and other essential items, for delivery to this homeless gentleman.

The officer didn’t do this for any kind of recognition, but because it was the right thing to do. A size 17 Thank You to the Indiana Pacers organization for their generous donation. They are a class organization who regularly do so, without any expectation of recognition.

Exceptionally well done by this LPD Reserve Officer!



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