Lakeville, Minnesota Police Officer goes above and beyond to help couple in distress at home

Last week a Police Sgt. From the Lakeville, MN. Police Department responded to a call for assistance when a woman with physical disabilities was injured at her home. He returned later off duty to ensure she didn’t have the same problem again.

Officers responded to the home of Tom and Darla Cybyske when Darla had fallen down the stairs into her husband’s arms. Her husband Tom is an amputee and had great difficulty with helping her.

The Police were called as well as emergency medical personnel to assist Darla who was taken to the hospital.

However the call did not end there. One of the first responders Sgt. Jay Castonguay, decided that something should be done and returned later that week with his tools and some help and built a ramp for Darla. He spent hours getting to know Tom and the exchange between the two men fostered a relationship as well as provided safety for both Tom and Darla.

The ramp that was built now provides easy and safe access to and from the residence that was not there before Sgt. Castonguay went above and beyond his duty. When Darla returns home from her hospital stay she can walk up her new ramp a bit more sure footed knowing that she was served as well as protected by one of Lakeville’s finest.

Lakeville Police posted the following about the event on their Facebook page recognizing the Sgt.’s efforts stating:


We post public safety information, blotter highlights, community events and news. What tends to go unnoticed are the acts of kindness that our officers regularly engage in.

Last week, one of our officers and Sergeant Jay Castonguay responded to a call. A resident had fallen inside of her garage. Her husband, unfortunately with his own medical issues, was unable to help her.

After receiving help, she spoke about having trouble with the garage steps. Sergeant Castonguay wanted to assist her and her husband. On his days off, he went to their residence and built a ramp.

Thank you, Sgt. Castonguay, for your kind heart. LPD is fortunate to have you and countless other generous LPD officers on our team!

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