Grandview , Mo. Officer Chris Golubski saves the life of man who wouldn’t stop for him

A man who ran from an officer on the highway ended up rolling his vehicle and was ejected from it. The officer found the man several yards away from the debris and immediately gave the man CPR saving his life. The event was captured on Video.

On Sunday near Missouri 150 and Interstate 49 Officer Golubski was on routine patrol when he noticed an SUV operated by a man who was not wearing his seatbelt. The routine stop turned deadly when the man refused to stop for the officer turning into a high speed pursuit that ended in a rollover accident.  The operator of the vehicle Michael Hunter-Moore refused to stop for the officer at about 12:35 P.M. The operator sped down the roadway attempting to evade the officer until his vehicle fishtailed and he lost control of the vehicle when it rolled over and he was ejected from the vehicle.

The Officer stopped and attempted to find the operator in the debris that was left from the rollover and asked others who had stopped and witnessed the accident as well if they saw where the driver had landed. Quickly Moore was located but he was not breathing so chest compressions were started as Officer Golubski radioed in his location, situation and requested assistance for Moore.

Moores breathing was reestablished by Golubski during the crucial time of waiting for medical assistance to arrive. Moore was transported to a local area hospital where he remained convalescing. He was charged with driving with a revoked license, not wearing a seat belt and failure to yield to an emergency vehicle. Moore had also stated that he had been drinking. Blood was taken at the hospital so depending on his blood alcohol content further charges may be pending.

Moores live in girlfriend and mother of six children was interviewed by KMBC and she was grateful to the Officer stating: “I think that the officer just instantly switched up and changed his mind and saved him and said ‘this is a man that needs help now’”

She was also angry with Moore for driving at all knowing that he had a suspended license and running from the Police.

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