Arkansas Trooper Pevehouse and Drew Co Deputy Ballard save two from sinking vehicle

An Arkansas State Trooper and Deputy Sheriff from Drew County worked together to save two elderly persons from a vehicle that was submerging in a water covered highway.

On March 19th, around 1:30 PM, Arkansas State Police Troop F’s Trooper Caleb Pevehouse responded to a vehicle submerged in water on Highway 35 near Collins in Drew County. The vehicle, with two elderly passengers, had driven around a barricade blocking an area of highway covered by high water. 

The vehicle drove into the water and was swept into a ditch. Trooper Pevehouse was the first to arrive on the scene, where he immediately wadded out in the water and made contact with the occupants.

The Fire Rescue truck was about 10 minutes out when Trooper Pevehouse noticed the vehicle was sinking deeper in the water. Drew County Deputy Terry Ballard arrived on the scene and the two decided to evacuate the occupants from the vehicle with a rope Deputy Ballard kept in his vehicle.

Using the rope, Trooper Pevehouse and the deputy removed the occupants from the passenger side window of the vehicle and took them to a safe location. Shortly after they were removed, the vehicle sank to the roof.

Many times, Troopers and other first responders must make quick decisions that put their lives in danger to save someone else’s. ASP is proud to call Trp. Pevehouse on of our own!!! We also want to thank Drew County’s Deputy Ballard for his efforts in this rescue!

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