Savannah-Chatham, Ga. Metropolitan Police Department Cpl. Lord helps helpless person

Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department was fortunate enough to hear from a citizen by the name of Philip Soukup who witnessed and photographed an event on March 31 that they shared on their Facebook Page. An officer was identified by the Department as Corporal Brandon Lord helped a man who was apparently tired and down on his luck.

The officer spent at least 30 minutes of his time with the man from the description that Soukup gave in his timeline of events. The officer provided the man with food and water while the man rested. While we hear all the bad stories about Police Officers on the streets in America how many good stories do we hear about citizens helping out other citizens in need every day that are down on their luck as officers seem to do daily? 

This is what was posted on the Facebook page of the Savannah-Chatham, Ga.  Metropolitan Police Department

 Great job Cpl. Brandon Lord of the Southside Precinct! Mr. Sookup, thanks so much for sharing!

As I was sitting at the Montgomery Crossroads and Waters Ave stop light, I saw an amazing act of kindness from a Savannah-Chatham Metro police officer. I noticed the man on the ground was struggling to walk; as I had passed him further down the road about 30 minutes prior to taking these pictures. I guess he chose this spot to stop for a rest. The officer came from the store with a bottle of water and food and gave it to him. I am unsure of who the officer is, but he was driving a patrol car numbered 4478. The police and all public safety members often work thankless jobs but they truly are heroes. I just felt the need to share some uplifting news when there is so much negativity in the world. WTOC Don Logana WTOC Mike Cihla Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department

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