Post Falls, Idaho Officer recognized for compassion

A Post Falls Police Officer was called to handle a shoplifter, after doing what the was called upon to do, he went above and beyond and do what he thought was the right thing to do. The Post Falls Police Department recently received this note – it is being shared with the permission of the author.

Dear Lieutenant Exley;

I’m writing to you because I had contact with police officer Eismann yesterday evening after being caught for shop lifting some food items with my kids present. Mr Eismann did give me a tongue lashing about stealing the items especially with my children present. I most certainly deserved this and he wrote me a citation which I also deserved. He then handed me his card where he wrote contact info on the back in case I found myself in need again.

Mr Eismann then asked if he could take a walk with my children and speak to them which I agreed to. When they came back he had bought my 3 children Easter baskets of their choice and handed me $10 for my baby and told me to get him something also. I never in my life expected this man to do such a kind and wonderful act such as that.

This police officer has made me believe in the system again. His harsh words that I deserved also opened my eyes to the wrong thing I did and showed me what I could of done differently. My children and I are truly grateful. I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful act of kindness this officer went out of his way to show my children and I and how truly grateful we are.

This is certainly a wonderful police officer who deserves some credit and deserves to be raved about. I hope this email helps get him that. Thank you very much…

Post Falls Police Officer Patrick Eismann
Post Falls Police Officer Patrick Eismann

This e-mail proves that while the Officer may have arrested someone, it is still possible to build a rapport and connect with them on a personal level. To touch them and make them an ally. Every Officer should strive to do this in every encounter. ~ WBL


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