Virginia State Police Officer killed, two citizens wounded, suspect dead

What started as a criminal interdiction training session at a Greyhound Bus Station turned deadly leaving a State Trooper dead, two citizens wounded and the assailant dead.

Corinne Geller of the Virginia State Police said that at about 2:45 P.M.  at Richmond’s Greyhound bus station located at 2910 N. Boulevard after a routine training session a State Trooper was attacked by a man he had been talking to. 

The man produced a weapon from his waistband and shot the Trooper in the chest for no apparent reason. Other Troopers returned fire bringing the suspect down. During the gunfire two female citizens were also wounded it is not known yet who wounded them. Their injuries were not life threatening. There was no apparent motive or warning of the attack on the Trooper.

Geller stated: “While he was talking to this individual, the individual pulled out a gun and shot the trooper, two troopers who were standing nearby returned fire. The shooting suspect was transported to VCU Medical Center, where he died.”

The suspects name has not been released yet he did however have a criminal record according to Police.

The Trooper was rushed to a medical center with life threatening injuries where he succumbed to his wounds.

Virginia State Police Superintendent W. Steven Flaherty identified the Trooper as Trooper Chad Dermyer, 37, stating he was a Marine Corps veteran and native of Jackson, Mich., who graduated from the state police academy in 2014 and had been transferred to a counter-terrorism and criminal interdiction unit after serving on patrol in the Newport News and Hampton areas.

Dermyer, a former Newport News police officer, leaves behind a wife and two children.





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