Douglas GA Police Department Officer praised for helping man in rain, wait till you hear why

A passerby saw a Police Officer helping a man “how to put air in his tires…in the heavy rain” the reason it was noteworthy was in the man’s view because it was a white officer and a black man in Georgia. But he thought the media would never make that much to do about it because it wasn’t racist.

Perhaps it is true that the media is far too quick to post things that are racist or bad about Police and that what are more common occurrences are things like what is being shown here, just two men helping each other. But that wouldn’t be very news worthy would it? Three is not a lot of people paying for advertising that way is there?  

It is not such a gripping story that was is it? Just people helping people is clearly not the same as the 1 in millions of service calls those officers make daily, that end is a shooting that makes headlines that everybody says is common place.

Well here is the post that was more eloquently written by Anthony V. Dixon

On my way to work today, I stopped at a convenience store in Douglas, Ga and I saw a city police officer helping and teaching a young brother how to put air in his tires…. in the heavy rain. This touched my heart because of the negative media about black men and officers of law, here’s a positive sign that love exist in America and not hate, discrimination, nor racism… However this post most likely wont go viral because its not showing a black man being harm or being murdered by an officer of law… MLK would have loved this moment..

It was shared by the Douglas GA Police Department

Who identified the Officer as Chris Youngblood.

Do you agree that the media is biased and Anti-Police?

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