Barboursville, Wv. Officer gets caught doing good deeds twice, blames it on his upbringing

An officer in Barboursville, Wv. Was interviewed by a reporter after having his good deeds reported by citizens to his department. The Officer said it was nothing more than just how he was raised.

Barboursville, WV.  On two separate occasions Officer Stephen Wilson was caught by persons unknown capturing him on film doing something nice for another person he didn’t have to do.

In the first case he took a frightened 3 year old boy for a cold drink and some fun at an arcade when the child’s mother was being questioned by other officers. He kept the child occupied and distracted so the child would not be afraid.

In the second case he had met a homeless man who he thought was wearing a back brace and inquired why he was wearing one. The man said he wasn’t wearing a back brace, rather what the officer was seeing were the man’s bones, the man lifted his shirt and showed him his hip bones. Officer Wilson took the homeless man immediately across the street to a Wendy’s Restaurant and fed him.

“I don’t like to see people in need. I just wasn’t raised that way,” Wilson told Fox11

This is what was said about the officer by people who witnessed the events and their photos:

Barboursville Police Department posted them to their facebook page

Veronica Imperi Neale 

I watched this Barboursville Police Officer take this sweet boy into the mall to get a drink while his Mom was being dealt with by other officers. I don’t know if he was thirsty, but I’m sure it made him feel better. Chris Tatum, is this the same officer in the other pics?

Randall Conroy

Hats off to this Barboursville cop he picked up the homless man with a sign and took him to buy a meal!!! He may not think anyone saw this but i did and thats great! His car number was 138 so if you see him just remeber that !!!

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