Preble County, Oh. Deputy pays for child who was victim of burglary to go to scout camp

After a family was burglarized of their belongings and cash saved to send a child to camp, a deputy paid it forward making an anonymous donation so the child could attend the camp anyway.

In West Alexandria, a small village inside Preble, Ohio a family that had saved money to send their son Ryan Coffey to Boy Scout summer camp was very disappointed when their home was burglarized and the money saved was stolen. 

WHIO covered the story about what happened next in the turn of events that proved there are still decent people in the world and they wear uniforms.

“He was extremely upset,” said Ryan’s mother Teresa Coffey. “The next day I get a phone call saying that Ryan’s camp was paid in full.” That call came from Ryan’s troop leader who admitted that a Deputy with the Preble County Sheriff’s Office found out about the case offered to pay for Ryan Coffey’s camp, which cost about $200.

Ryan was extremely thankful and wanted to show his thanks to the Deputy.  Teresa Coffey said she’s touched by the deputy’s gesture and her son has made a ‘thank you’ card for the deputy. “He didn’t have to do that and he did that,”

The problem for the Coffey family now is the deputy just wanted to let it be an act that is unnoticed, just a good deed to pay it forward.

Preble County Sheriff Mike Simpson said “I’m proud that one of my employees saw a need for someone and decided to help. In this case, it’s not about being recognized for the good deed. I think it’s about helping someone in a time of need and knowing you made a difference in someone’s life. I think this act says a lot about the deputy’s character as well,”

It has been learned that the Deputy who made the donation so Ryan could go to camp has been with the Sheriff’s office for about two years and was recently promoted to the road patrol division.

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