Fort Worth, Tx. Officer Matt Pearce – community rallies as critically injured officer slowly improves

Officer Matt Pearce who was shot multiple times on March 15 is still in critical condition and has suffered setbacks but continues to make improvements. Meanwhile the community rallies to support him in unexpected ways with wonderful results.

Since Officer Pearce was shot on March 15 he has had small signs of improvement overall with a few setbacks including bleeding issues after coughing episodes. At last reports he may be off his ventilator for good now and that is something that we are all very hopeful for.  With his wife by his side she has been keeping supporters updated as much as she can. While people may not realize this, it is really a great burden upon her at this time when all she probably wants is to spend time with her husband and be left alone. Thankfully she has kept us informed with the following information:

“I’ll start with good news So they’ve weaned Matt’s vent some more with the goal in mind of getting his breathing tube out and he’s doing good with it so far. He’s off his pain and blood pressure drips and doing good there too. So the bad news (bad-ish), he had been tolerating his tube feeds for nearly a whole day without issue. Then in the middle of the night he started vomiting again they put in a different tube and it helped for a while and then he vomited some more. So I’m waiting for the team to see what they think it could be. Thank the Lord he has not aspirated anymore! So really our biggest problem at this point is his tummy issues. I’ll take it.
Specific prayer requests: Please pray Matt continues to succeed at vent weaning. The doctor was super impressed with his blood gases (tells us how well he’s ventilating) and that Matt will be able to be successfully extubated. Please pray for his poor tummy and that they can figure out why he’s still vomiting. I know he will feel so much better and it will help him in so many ways. He is so ready to get up out of bed if we can just conquer these two things, I think we will see him back on his feet in a flash!
Thank you Lord for your goodness to us. You are a God who heals!”

Officer Pearce is still listed as being in critical condition.

Meanwhile the community has rallied behind him and his family. Departments across the region and fifteen Chick-fil-A restaurants are working toward fund raising for the Officer in his time of need.

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On social media events are being hastagged #TeamPearce as Tee-Shirts are being sold to benefit him at local area Chick-fil-A restaurants. As well at Chick-fil-A From five-until-nine Monday evening the restaurants will also donate 20-percent of sales to the officer’s family.

Participating restaurants are located as follows:


800 N. Walnut Creek

3200 E. Broad


1105 N. Burleson Blvd.

111 NW John Jones Dr.

Fort Worth:

3580 Altamesa Blvd.

Alliance Town Center

2870 Heritage Trace Pkwy


8800 Benbrook Blvd.

Lake Worth:

6556 Lake Worth Blvd,

Westworth Village:

6650 Westworth Blvd, Hawks Creek,


2525 S. Main St.


4700 S. Cooper St.

4412 Little Rd

Grand Prairie:

3041 Camp Wisdom Rd.

3970 S. Carrier Pkwy


1300 N. Highway 377


8016 Denton Highway


1011 East Highway 377


Lastly there is a GoFundMe page that has been set up for the family titled: Matt Pearce Family Fund

Updates can be accessed through there as well as making donations. Generous donations that will be necessary for the family in the future have already exceeded $80,000.00 thanks to those who Back The Blue.

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