Lumberton, N.C. Police Officer Daniel Dimery helps 17 y.o. victim celebrate her birthday

A 17year old girl who lives with her mother had their house burglarized. The girls birthday presents appeared to be targeted in the break in, but thanks to one Officer the young lady was still able to celebrate her birthday.

March 24, 2016 Lumberton, N.C. the home of April and Drew Drake of Lumberton was burglarized during daylight hours when the two were out. All of Drew’s birthday presents including her birthday cake had been inside the residence in preparation for her 17th birthday celebration. 

Someone threw a rock threw a window to gain access into the residence and taken her gifts and completely ransacked the home. Everything was destroyed including the girls birthday cake. The only items that were taken were Drew’s presents though. Oddly enough according to the police report items that had been left were things like guns, electronics or other items of value.

This has not been the first time that the family has been targeted though. In recent months the yard of the home has been vandalized and items from the yard have been stolen. The family is in the process of moving.

Drew Drake’s 17th birthday was going to be pretty bad since the thief or thieves made off with stolen items that included $200 worth of clothes, an $80 purse and the $20 birthday cake that were supposed to be part of her celebratory day.

Thankfully Officer Daniel Dimery was the responding officer who took the report and understood what it is to be a teenager turning 17. After taking the initial report he returned with a birthday cake for Drew that he had purchased.

“At that age, birthdays are supposed to be milestones in your life,” Dimery said. “They went through the whole house and pretty much destroyed everything, but they only took the daughter’s items,” Dimery was quoted by the Robesonian. Knowing that the family was soon to be moving he added “I didn’t want that to be her last memory of Lumberton,”

The family was very greatful for this simple act of kindness and compassion shown by the officer. They stated.

“He saw that I was really upset and he went out of his way to try to make my birthday a good day,” said Drew.

April said:  “We were so surprised and so very thankful. He was able to bring back some happiness on my baby girl’s birthday.”

This act of kindness did not go unnoticed by City Councilmembers either; Burnis Wilkins who is the  Precinct 3 Councilman  Said on his facebook page

Good morning everyone and special attention Godwin Heights residents. Please be observant for any suspicious activity as a home was broken into during daylight hours yesterday near the park. It is believed the suspect was on foot based on the items taken. Also please read the message of the victim in this case and the blessed gesture of Lumberton Police Officer Daniel Dimery. After completing the report he went and purchased a Birthday cake for the victims daughter to replace the one stolen during the breakin. An awesome gesture and a positive for police officers as they continue to be bashed across this country. On behalf of the City of Lumberton, Thank you Officer Dimery and April Drake. Please share and let’s make this viral for a positive in our community. Thanks everyone.

“I really want to thank the Officer from the Lumberton Police department!! Today our house was broken into and it’s my daughter’s birthday!! Well they stole her cake!! This very awesome office went out and bought my daughter a new Birthday cake!!! We were so surprised and so very thankful!!! He was able to bring back some happiness on my baby girls Birthday!!! Very cool!!”


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