Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer shooting update

A Lieutenant of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police department was shot in the abdomen after responding to a call of shots fired. The Officer suffered non-life threatening injuries described as superficial due to his ballistic vest.

Lieutenant Andy Harris a 22 year veteran of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and shift commander of the Steele Creek Division responded to the call with other units according to Chief Kerr Putney. 

Chief Putney stated that a suspect had shot an acquaintance and then officers were fired upon as they arrived. Officers then returned fire and disabled the suspect who has not been identified. Neither the suspect nor the other person the suspect shot has been identified yet.

Lt. Harris was taken to Carolinas Medical Center where he was reported to be doing well, having conversations with family members and is responsive.

“I am always impressed by the heroic work that is done for the community and residents of Charlotte . This ls no exception The Lieutenant  leading by example responding to a call of somebody needing our assistance and the heroism of the officers responding to assist goes beyond question.  We’re happy that the officers going to be fine. And were very honored to be part of an organization where people respond like that to take care of one of their own. “Chief Kerr Putney.



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