Tampa Police Officer shot, 1 suspect dead, 1 suspect wounded – Updated

Tampa, Fl. Police responded to a 911 call of shots being fired between two people today. During the fray an officer was shot, one suspect was killed and another suspect was wounded.

A 911 caller brought a Tampa Police Officer to the area of a Hyatt Hotel Parking lot located at 11111 N 30th St. in Tampa at around 4.P.M. today. 

The caller reported erratic driving between the two vehicles and reported that shots had been fired between one vehicle and the other from the occupants.

Little more was available from the Police spokesman other than the Police arrived and that the Officer was wearing his vest at the time of the shooting. Police investigators credit the male officer’s bulletproof vest with saving his life.  The officer was shot in the upper chest and was air lifted to Tampa General Hospital where he is being treated and is expected to survive.

One of the suspects has been confirmed as having died and the other is listed as having been wounded. It was not stated who had been responsible for shooting who. The matter is being investigated.


UPDATED 10:45 A.M. 03/27 – The officer was identified as: Jose Rodriguez, 53, a 13-year veteran of the Tampa Police Department, was in Tampa General Hospital late Saturday night. Officials said he is expected to survive his injuries.


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