Lakeland Police officer helps save puppy that was shot during a domestic dispute

On Friday Feb. 26, Lakeland Police Officer Joel Mailly responded to a house for a domestic call, involving a man who had attempted to shoot his girlfriend. He had ended up shooting a puppy instead.

The Lakeland Police responded to the domestic disturbance and found the puppy had been injured. The animal was bleeding and had been shot. The Officer spoke with News Channel 8 about the incident. 

Officer Joel Mailly stated “The gentleman had fired shots at his girlfriend over a verbal disagreement, and she said she thought her dog may have been hit,”  “It was kind of curled up in a little hole. All I saw was the puppy, and blood. Of course I couldn’t leave it there. It broke my heart to see that the dog had been hurt,”

The woman couldn’t afford to pay for any vet bills but the officer didn’t care. He took the animal and placed it in his patrol car then took it straight to a vet. “I’m carrying it into the clinic, it’s licking my face, and of course melted my heart. I couldn’t turn it away. We needed to find a good home,”

Thankfully the puppy named Remington was taken care of. They had him for about three weeks before placing him with a new family. he officer couldn’t take him because he already had so many dogs at home.

The Lakeland Police Department posted the following on their facebook page:


Heartwarming Story with LPD Officer Mailly and a little puppy named Remington

On Friday February 26th, LakelandPD officer Joel Mailly was dispatched to a house on a domestic call involving a man who attempted to shoot his girlfriend. Luckily, the officers found the girlfriend unharmed, but unfortunately one of the bullets fired hit a little puppy named Remington. The puppy had been shot in the leg, completely breaking his bone. The woman told the officers that she could not afford to treat the dog and would have to turn the puppy over to them. Officer Mailly pulled the puppy out from under the house where he had retreated, lying in a pool of blood. Mailly wrapped the puppy in a towel and carried him to his patrol car. It didn’t look good for the puppy and Mailly feared Remington might have to be euthanized.

Thankfully, Dr Hollister with Parkway Veterinary Emergency Clinic showed her true love of all animals by treating Remington and getting him on the road to recovery. Officer Mailly’s girlfriend, Brittany, has fostered the tiny puppy for the past three weeks and we are happy to report his is doing great! Remington has also found a “furever” home with Dan and Kim Kendall.

As for the suspect who fled the area before officers arrived on scene; he was found later that evening, arrested and taken to jail.

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