Haverhill, Mass Officer pays it forward to help stranded couple so they can get back home

A Haverhill Officer was summoned to his Sgt.’s Office believing he was being called in on the carpet only to be questioned about paying It forward because he had not told anyone how he had helped a couple in need.

During the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations a couple from North Andover spent the day in Boston celebrating. They had fallen asleep on the train going back home and missed their stop. When they were woken up by the conductor they realized that they had missed their stop. 

They found themselves in Haverhill without funds or transportation to get back home and were exhausted from the days events. Kara Cashman and James Kelley recalled to the Eagle Tribune how the day unfolded.

“We got to the city (Boston) at 10 a.m. and spent all day walking around, shopping and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day,” Cashman said. “I fell asleep almost immediately on the train heading back and when I woke up, the conductors said it was the last stop.”

They walked from the Downtown district to a restaurant where they finally sat outside and Cashman began to cry in despair. That is when a modern day knight in shining armor showed up and saved the day for them.

Haverhill Police Officer Kyle McCann saw the couple there and stopped. He spoke with the couple and attempted to find ways for them to get back home. When he realized that there were no options he took $40.00 from his pocket then hailed the couple a cab and sent them home safe and sound.

The officer never gave it a second thought. That is until he was called into his Sergeants office this week. The Officer thought he might be in trouble for something he had done or was being accused of doing. However the Sgt. had received a post on Facebook from Cashman about the incident and the Sergeant wanted to know more details about it.

“The one thing you asked is that we pay it forward and we used the remaining money plus some of our own to buy breakfast for another person,” Cashman wrote, adding she didn’t catch the name of the officer who helped them.

McCann recalled “The girl was very upset and had been crying,” McCann said. “He had told her she could fall asleep (on the train), but then he fell asleep, too. They were both tired from a long day.” He also recalled that the couples cell phones had long since died and they didn’t have phone numbers handy. Neither of them had working debit or credit cards. So he paid for a cab to take them home.

Cashman wrote: “It was incredible. He didn’t have to do that, it just goes to show that these men and women who serve and protect us everyday go above and beyond to help people in need.”

Haverhill Police Deputy Chief Anthony Haugh praised his officer stating:  “The action taken by this officer exemplifies the compassion we try to instill in all of our officers at the Haverhill Police Department,” “While we wouldn’t expect an officer to necessarily take his own money to pay for a cab ride, this kindhearted gesture, along with the officer’s message to those whom he helped to ‘pay it forward’, shows the true character of Officer Kyle McCann.”

Haverhill Police Officer Kyle McCan
Haverhill Police Officer Kyle McCann

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