Tyler, Tx. Police Officer pays it forward to Elderly homeless couple – inspires others to do the same!

A citizen witnessed a selfless act of kindness by a Tyler, Tx. Police Officer and was so moved that they decided it was something that they should do themselves. PAY IT FORWARD!

This was posted on the Tyler Texas Police Departments Facebook page by a citizen that was so moved that they decided they needed to start doing things for other people as well. When you read this please take note, the officer was not the only one who did something nice for this homeless elderly couple. Someone else in the story also paid it forward. Goodness is contagious, help spread it! 

Posted from a citizen!

A lot of you won’t take the the time to read this because it is 1. About a police officer, 2. About a homeless couple and 3. It’s about a good deed not drama.
So today I stopped to get gas on the corner of Gentry and the Loop, as I was getting in my car I saw a Tyler police officer pull up to an elderly homeless couple, I’m thinking that the gas station called to have them warn off the property. Instead he gets out and get a bag out of the passenger seat and take it to the couple, I couldn’t hear what was said but I could tell this man was very grateful for that police officer generosity. He and the lady he was with look liked they were expressing deep gratitude to him. He stayed and talked to them for a few minutes which gave me the opportunity to snap this picture (which he caught me doing) and then this customer from the gas station bought them 2 large cups of coffee (it’s 37 degrees in Tyler) once again they were grateful. As I was leaving and the officer was leaving the man started putting on one of the jackets that was in the bag plus gloves. I guess I’m sharing this to say, so many times I see people that are less fortunate than I am and “assume” they just trying to get over on people. Well today I came to the conclusion that it is not my job to judge whether they are truly in need or not but as a Christian it is my job to help in any way I can… Some people did not ask to be in those circumstances. I don’t know their story and how things led to them being on a street corner asking for help but I know I will help next time even if it’s just a cup of coffee…


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