Smith County, Tx. Vehicle pursuit, shots fired at Deputy 1 in custody more to follow (dash video)

Smith County Tx. Sheriff announced that one person was arrested after shooting at a Deputy that was perusing the vehicle he was occupying. More arrests are pending.

On March 21, 2016 A Deputy Sheriff of Smith County, Tx. Was attempting to stop a Black Nissan Altima on County Road 46 when shots were fired at the Deputies Patrol vehicle striking it several times. At least two occupants of the vehicle were shooting at the officer one from the passenger’s side of the vehicle and one from behind the driver. 

Dash cam video was released by the Smith County Sheriff’s Department of the hair raising moments when the Deputy called out that shots were fired.

Law Enforcement Officials stated that the stop was part of a long term narcotics investigation that the Department has been involved with.

It did not take long for one suspect to be found. Within one day on March 22, Deputies and Tyler, Tx. Police had located one suspect and the vehicle at the Residence Inn in South Tyler at Broadway and Heritage.

The vehicle’s license plates had been removed but the vehicle identification number confirmed that they had the correct vehicle. Another vehicle hat was registered to the suspect was also found in the area.

Surveillance was set up as well as notification of the Inns staff to ensure the safety of guests and employees in case there were problems taking the wanted persons into custody. Persons were moved to safe locations as Officers laid in wait for the suspects to emerge from their rooms.

At 2:00 P.M. the wanted suspect walked out of his room with a female and entered their vehicle a gold Dodge Caliber, both were apprehended without incident and taken into custody.

The female was questioned and released. The male was identified as Jeremy Allen Robinson of 105 N Denton Hutchins, Tx 75141 – he is being held for Aggravated Assault Against a Public Servant with a $2 million dollar bond.

Both vehicles were impounded at the scene and a weapon was recovered from the Dodge.

Sheriff Larry Smith stated there were three people in the vehicle but expects to charge more in connection to the crime. “Due to the attempt to kill one of the deputies, we’re going to use every law in the book. Do whatever we need to do, uncover every rock we need to uncover to get everyone involved in it. The ones not even in the vehicle could be held culpable in that act,”

Despite being fired upon, the Deputy never fired back.

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