Pueblo of Laguna Police Officer shot, 1 dead, 1 suspect sought in casino shooting

Overnight a Police officer of the Pueblo of Laguna Police Department was shot in an altercation with 2 assailants. One was killed and the other is still wanted.

At the Route 66 Casino west of Albuquerque, N.M. a Police officer by the name of Peter Tanzilli, 37 attempted to stop two individuals depicted in the video attached here. Video released by the FBI shows the officer approaching two subjects outside the casino before one of them flees. The video doesn’t include sound or show the shooting itself.

Around midnight, a silver Lexus, with the New Mexico license plate NAJ489, entered the casino’s parking lot. FBI video shows an officer confronting two occupants of the vehicle as they walked up to the casino. Sources say the officer approached the pair because of reports the Lexus the two subjects occupied was stolen.

Tanzilli is a United State Air Force veteran. He has been a Laguna Pueblo police officer for about 5 years and suffered non-life threatening injuries. Tanzilli is in stable condition at the University of New Mexico Hospital.

The FBI is assisting the Pueblo of Laguna Police Department in investigating the incident.

Laguna Pueblo Police Officer Peter Tanzilli
Security footage of suspects of Route 66 Casino shooting177
Suspects from the shooting of officer Peter Tanzilli

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