DeFuniak Springs, Fl. Police Officer recognized for helping those in need

Officer Chuwan Boros of the DeFuniak Springs, Fl. Police is being recognized for a good deed that he did, but it appears that it is just another day at the office for a man who exemplifies what a humanitarian is.

The following was posted about Officer Chuwan Boros of the  DeFuniak Springs, Fl. Police Department. While reading it one can only wonder how often this officer has gone out of his way to help strangers that we will never know about.   


If you have ever lost something then you are familiar with how troubling it is to search and not find it. If the something was a purse or wallet with all of your money and credit cards, even more frustrating. This happened to an elderly couple recently traveling through DeFuniak Springs from Jacksonville. They had stopped for fuel at a gas station when the female passenger realized her purse and contents were missing. Frantically the couple searched, but did not locate the purse, which contained the only money and credit cards they owned.

A call to the DeFuniak Springs Police Department was made and Officer Chuwan Boros responded. Officer Boros was advised that the purse must have fallen out of the car near the couple’s home in Jacksonville. With no money or gas, and family members many hours away, the couple was desperate for any assistance. Officer Boros felt compassion for them and paid for fuel and refreshments. He also assisted the couple in contacting their financial institutions before escorting them to a local motel to await the arrival of family members.

This act, and even one from last night where Officer Boros bought dinner for a transient, would have gone unrecognized had it not been for his supervisor. “This type of generosity often goes untold about Officers. The public may hear about negative actions and arrests that were made, but this is another way law enforcement Officers can make a positive difference in the community. Officer Boros did this compassionate act from his heart. I am appreciative of Officer Boros’s generosity and modesty,” stated Chief Weeks.

Officer Boros was recognized and given a letter of commendation for his efforts by Chief   Weeks.

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