Santa Ana, Ca. School Police Department Resource Officer becomes resource for family

A Santa Ana Police Department Officer named Kit Nguyen helps an entire family in need. A community member notices or no one would have ever known.

On March 22, 2016 it was brought to the attention of the Santa Ana, Ca. School Police that Officer Kit Nguyen had paid it forward in a big way. He had not told anyone and even a picture worth 1,000 words could not tell the whole story. 

Early Monday morning, Santa Ana School Police Department Officer Kit Nguyen was on routine patrol when he observed a family with several small children exiting a homeless shelter. Officer Nguyen felt led to stop and check on their safety and well-being to determine if he could offer them assistance in any way. They told Officer Nguyen they were living on the streets, without a home for their children, and they had little money to feed the kids. Compassionate to their plight, Officer Nguyen drove to a nearby grocery store where he bought food for the family with his own money. He drove back to the same area and found the family at a nearby bus stop. Not only did Officer Nguyen give the family the groceries he had just purchased for them, he gave them cash so they could treat the family to a warm meal.

Unbeknownst to our Officer, a community member witnessed this act of kindness, snapped a picture of him and posted the below message on a local social media site. Officer Nguyen exemplifies the profession and he is truly representative of the men and women serving in uniform each day to keep out community safe.

We would like to thank the community member for capturing such a compelling photograph of our Officer truly embracing the philosophy of “community oriented policing.” #iamsausd



THE WBL appreciates the community letting Police Departments know when Officers have done somehing good. If you have a story to share let us know as well.

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