Mountain View, Ca. Police Department Officer saves the life of 2 year old – see the adorable reunion

A photograph of a happy reunion was released yesterday of Mountain View Police Officer Curtis Lau and 2 year old Edwardo as the officer gave the child a gift of a stuffed bear.

Eduardo, a bright-eyed 2-year-old, grinned as Officer Curtis Lau walked over to him and handed him a stuffed, blue teddy bear.

The happy reunion was a far cry from the last time Officer Lau saw Eduardo. Responding to a call on the night of March 14, Officer Lau arrived at Eduardo’s home in Mountain View to find the toddler staring blankly and not moving. Eduardo’s family huddled around him, not knowing what was wrong, only that Eduardo was in danger. 

The boy’s father, grief-stricken, slumped back onto his heels as Lau turned Eduardo over and patted his back to see if there was anything stuck in the toddler’s throat. When the 2-year-old didn’t move or respond, Lau turned the boy back over and started performing CPR. Seconds passed.

Then, suddenly, Eduardo blinked and gasped for air.

As Mountain View firefighters and paramedics arrived and rushed in to help take the boy to a nearby hospital, Lau stood back. Eduardo was breathing again.

“I have no doubt that Officer Lau saved that child’s life and I am extremely proud of how he handled the situation.,” said Sgt. Wahed Magee, who was with Lau when they responded to the March 14 call.

On Monday, one week after Eduardo was taken to the hospital, he was back home and the family allowed Mountain View police, including Officer Lau, to come for a visit.

The reunion was a happy one, and Lau was thrilled to see Eduardo doing so well.

“Thank you for saving Eddy,” the boy’s mother said.

Mountain View Police Department Curtis Lau
Officer Curtis Lau with Edwardo and his father (photo Credit Mountain View Police Department)
Mountain View Police Department

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