UPDATE: Clarksdale, Ms. Officer Cpl. Derrick Couch improving – but needs help

A status update by the Mayor of Clarksdale, Ms. on Cpl. Derrick Couch was given today. Thankfully the officer has been taken from the intensive care unit and moved into another portion of the facility.

Officer Couch who was shot in the face on Feb. 13, when he responded to an armed robbery call has slowly but surely improved. His condition which was originally listed as grave as the officer struggled for his life has improved dramatically. 

He has gone from being on a ventilator to now having taken a few steps and is in physical therapy. The officer has lost an eye where he was shot, although it has been stated that the bullet striking the soft tissue of the eye probably saved his life. It is believed that had the bullet not struck him in the eye that it would have fragmented in his skull and killed him.

The officer does have some brain damage although at this point it is probably too early to tell the amount or duration of it considering the officers determination and tenacity to overcome his injuries. He is speaking however according to Mayor Bill Luckett the few words that he has spoken are “not quite coherent yet.” “He’s trying hard, and he’s continuing to slowly improve,” Luckett said. “He’s showing signs of more improvement every day.” He told the Clarion Ledger

Cpl Derrick Couch
Clarksdale, Ms. Police Department Corporal Derrick Couch

There are financial obligations that are necessary and costly regarding Cpl. Couch at this time that are not being met. A Facebook page has been set up on his behalf to help solicit help for his family.

They recently posted a plea for help which stated:

Chris Favi/Benefits of Derrick Couch

Folks I want to challenge each and every one of you to go out and make a donation to Corporal Derrick Couch in this time of need for him and his family. All you have to do is go by ANY “REGION’S BANK” in your area and do this. PLEASE DONATE WHAT YOU CAN, NO AMOUNT IS TOO LITTLE OR TOO MUCH HERE.

For those of you who do not know, Corporal Couch was shot in the Line of Duty a week or so ago and is at The Med in Memphis recovering from his injuries. We need to look out for him and his family in this horrible time of need the way he and his fellow officers look out for each and everyone of us EVERY DAY.

His wife has left her place of work right now to be at her husband’s bed side and they have 5 children to care for as well. As we all know the bills don’t quit coming and still have to be paid here. So once again I challenge you CLARKSDALE people to let’s stand up and help these people here. We call the POLICE in times of Emergency and now the POLICE are calling on you for help. Do your part please and Thank you.

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