6 year old boy with leukemia sworn in as honorary Gloucester Township Police Officer

A boy who has been diagnosed with leukemia was sworn in today as an honorary Police officer in the Town of Gloucester, New Jersey by the Mayor and given full honors for an exciting day.

Here’s to Liam!!!

Liam is a resident of Gloucester Township who was diagnosed with leukemia. Today he was sworn-in by Mayor David Mayer as an honorary police officer with the Gloucester Township Police Department.

Gloucester Township Police March 21, 2016

The day started off early as Liam was given a Police escort from his home to the Police Department where he was greeted by a long line of Police officers and Firefighters to welcome him for his swearing in ceremony with the Mayor.

Liam was issued a Police cap and shirt of his own and was sworn in by Mayor David Mayer then was introduced to key staff of the department like the chief of Police. Liam of course toured the facility and his new “working” environment. From seeing the K-9’s to the holding cells, getting inside an Armored Response Vehicle and checking out tools like the ballistic shields that Officers sometimes use.

Police Chief Harry Earle presented Liam with a trio of medallions, a whistle and plaque featuring the department’s mission statement.

Liam Lindsey, 6 Being soworn in a a Gloucester Township Police Officer for the day (Credit: Gloucester Township Police Facebook)

Liam’s mother, Lauren Lindsey was with Liam every step of the way and was overwhelmed at the turn out that the Officers provided for her son. She was quoted as saying to Philly Voice “This is wonderful, This is all I’m going to hear about for days.”

Lois Maunz, Liam’s nurse at Glendora Elementary School in Glendora, New Jersey was also on hand for the event. She is the person who was able to start the event for Liam knowing his desire to be a Police Officer eventually; she contacted patrol officer David Belcher. Officer Belcher then followed up on making the day possible.

“The police officers really extended themselves,” Maunz said. “We thought it was going to be a little tour of the facility. To find out that it was going to be this large of an event – that he’s a police officer for a day – is wonderful.”

Officers welcome Liam Lindsey as he arrives at the station (Credit: Thom Carroll/PhillyVoice)
Officers welcome Liam Lindsey as he arrives at the station (Credit: Thom Carroll/PhillyVoice)

As for Liam he said he wanted to be a Police Officer because “They’re the coolest job in the world,” Liam beamed. “Because they catch the villains and stuff. And because I like the K9s.” (Perhaps the best interview answer ever given by a recruit bar none)

Liam has been undergoing treatment for his condition since 2013 and has to travel to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Much of the expense associated with travel, lodging of hi family while he undergoes treatment, food and other necessities are costly for the family. They have set up a GoFundMe account to assist with the burdens associated with this. If you would like to help this aspiring Police officer and family please go to the GoFundMe page – Please help a little boy with Cancer!

6ABC was on the scene with Nora Muchanic  for the events and will broadcast more on this story later.


From the GoFundMe page:

Liam is the 5 year old son of Lauren Lindsey and Brian Fox who was diagnosed in September, 2013 with leukemia. At the time he was emergently hospitalized, Liam was not covered by health insurance and the hospital bills are nearly half a million dollars. Liam’s family has been raising money to help pay his past medical expenses and keep up with current expenses during his 3 year long treatment. He has been given intense chemotherapy treatments through his port along with regular lumbar punctures with chemotherapy meds placed into his spine while under general anesthesia. These treatment days begin early in the morning and last all day. For such a young boy, he endures so much pain and sickness, yet he still has the nurses and doctors laughing at his jokes and antics. 
     I’d like to invite you to help Liam’s family by supporting them through this website with the proceeds of all purchases to go to support this sweet little boy.  Money received will go to both medical expenses and to also pay for small items to make treatment days more bearable for Liam.  Liam and his family cannot do this without you! Thank you all for your continued support.  Every donation no matter the amount is greatly appreciated and utilized appropriately to benefit this loving, funny little boy.

Liam with his mom Lauren
Liam with his mom Lauren

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