Zephyrhills, Police Officer saves choking 1 year old boy

Thanks to the keen observation, quick action, and perhaps also a father’s intuition, ZPD Officer Giovanni Marcacci saved the life of 1-year-old Elijah Rivera (pictured at right with Officer Marcacci) during today’s Main Street Zephyrhills Founder’s Day Parade. Elijah and his family were watching the parade near the “pocket park” on 5th Avenue when he began choking on a piece of candy. From his post at 7th Street & 5th Ave–a good distance away–Officer Marcacci noticed the young boy was in distress and subsequently heard his mother’s screams for help. He ran to the boy and performed first aid successfully dislodging the candy.

Thanks, Officer Marcacci, for taking control of the situation and administering the first aid that undoubtedly saved Elijah’s life.


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