Two Howard County, Indiana Deputies have been shot while serving a warrant in Russiaville

One Officer is stable, one critical the suspect died at the scene.

According to Howard County Sheriff Steve Rogers, at about 12:30 a.m. Sunday morning, Sheriff’s Deputies and Russiaville police attempted to serve a warrant to an unidentified man in a Russiaville trailer park. 

Officers had obtained a search warrant for the Chandler residence based on information the resident was wanted on an outstanding warrant, the warrant was from Clinton County for possession of a syringe.

Upon arrival Deputies attempted to make contact with the resident and received no answer. Officers force entry and Sgt. Jordan Buckley and Deputy Carl Koontz were fired upon. Other Deputies immediately removed the two officers while returning fire and immediately removed residence fome an extended area for their safety.

Howard County, Kokomo Police Department and Indiana State Police SWAT teams attempted to contact the suspect at roughly 2:30 a.m., with no response.

They reentered the residence and found the suspect deceased.

The officers were treated at Community Howard Regional Health before being airlifted to Indianapolis. They were airlifted to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis.

While Buckley, 35 a nine-year veteran of the department, is in stable condition, Koontz, 29, is in “very critical condition” Koontz had been on the force for three years.

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