Political rallies continue to escalate violence toward police

We have seen protesters go from demonstrating to blocking ambulances to assaulting officers and now even their horses. Where will it stop? Media blames the wrong people.

During a Trump Rally protest on March 12, a woman slapped a Police Horse then fled into the crowd. (Video) 

Protests against Donald Trump have been growing more and more violent daily and have been gaining more and more momentum. Increasingly they have become more dangerous for attendees of the rallies and officers who have been injured trying to preserve the peace.

Protestors have blocked ambulances, assaulted Officers and now have resorted to assaulting animals.

Such was the case on March 12, 2016 when April J. Foster, 29 allegedly slapped a Kansas City Police horse named “Dan” that was part of the Police Departments crowd control efforts with an open hand, according to the Kansas City Star during the Trump protest.

It may have gotten more attention than most of the other news recently. Foster apparently attempted to frighten the horse by screaming at it, when that didn’t work she slapped it then ran through the crowd attempting to evade arrest. Officers had been attempting to keep the crowd out of the street.

Officers were unable to capture her at the time as she had run into the crowd of about 500 protesters and hid.

April J. Foster was arrested at 5 p.m. Friday on a municipal charge of abuse of a police service animal. She was released after posting $500 bond.

The Gateway Pundit reported that on her Instagram bio, Foster describes herself as a “worker, writer, commie, feminist [and] trans.” She also appears to be a member of the communist group, Progressive Youth Organization.

This photograph shows Foster standing with the banner she appears with in the video as well, just prior to striking the horse.

aprilfosterrrSolidarity with all the students and professors marching around the country in the (Credit Instagram)

In Chicago, Officers were injured and ambulances were blocked by  protesters.

CdUv_MOW4AAU7Se.jpg large
Chicago Police Officer injured during Trump Protest

As well most recently in Arizona throngs of protesters have denied the right to assemble, apparently freedom of speech only applies one way. But they know how to play the victim card well demanding Officers do something.

Here we can see an “attempted murder” as one protester states over and over, although I am not quite seeing it. Jumping on someone’s vehicle, running across their hood, showing no concern for the rights of other people’s property or denying them the right to travel is of any concern, unless it is infringed upon them apparently.

People have a right to assemble. There is a freedom of speech. You need permits to do such things but apparently only the candidates are getting such things and media is not reporting this.

Media is also not reporting the violence that is being perpetrated with alarming rates upon officers or the dangers that they are facing as this continues to grow. They are blaming candidates for the actions of people who have been incited by their own organizers to violent confrontation.

unnamed unnamed(1)

An Off duty Officer discuses what he observed at a Trump rally – the violence, who is responsible and what the media is not saying.

As these people continue to stop the political process with violent behavior the only people that stand between them and citizens are the Police officers serving. You can rest assured that Officers will be targeted for doing their jobs and enforcing laws while they try to preserve public order and keep the peace.


Back the blue.






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