Washington County Sheriff’s Office Shout out of thanks

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office Posted a shout out of gratitude and tell why. 

We would like to take a moment this morning to recognize and give a BIG SHOUT OUT to the other heroes who responded to the call on Tuesday with Lieutenant Augustine. You see, there’s rarely just one hero when things like this happen, and that’s the case here.

If you ask any of the officers who responded to this call, they’ll say…”We’re just doing our job”…and they would be right…because EVERY SINGLE OFFICER who puts that uniform on puts their life on the line EVERY SINGLE DAY….they’re just doing their job. They go from call to call to call, some violent, some mundane, never knowing when they will go on THE call that will turn out like this one did….they’re just doing their job.

On the day Lieutenant Augustine was shot, these officers did what they always do….they put on their uniform, left their families at home, and went to work, knowing full well the dangers of what “just doing their job” entailed.

We can’t tell you in great detail what these officers did that day, but we want to tell you a little bit, because all of them deserve to be recognized for their heroic actions…..while they were just doing their jobs.

Washington County Corporal Mark Pifer was the first officer on the scene and was the one who ultimately took the suspect into custody…he was just doing his job.

Washington County Corporal Anja Stewart, Deputy First Class Richard Bell, Goshen Marshal David Edwards, and Corporal Pifer searched the woods for the suspect…who had a gun….they were just doing their jobs.

Washington County Sergeant Oscar Henson was with Lieutenant Augustine and Fayetteville Police Corporal Kenn Willyard, trying to locate the suspect, when Lieutenant Augustine was shot. Seeing that Lieutenant Augustine was unable to move and get out of harms way, Sergeant Henson grabbed him and began dragging him to safety. Corporal Willyard was right there, trying to provide cover for them. Fayetteville Police Sergeant Tony Murphy and Washington County Lieutenant Scott Young arrived…Sergeant Murphy ran to Sergeant Henson’s side, and together they dragged Lieutenant Augustine the rest of the way to safety….Lieutenant Young helped Corporal Willyard provide cover for them……many other officers responded and assisted as well….they were all just doing their jobs.

We’re just hitting the highlights, but the words on this post don’t even begin to tell what these responders went through on that day….and everyday for that matter.

These officers put their lives on the line, every single day, but they don’t want recognition for it because they say, “We’re just doing our job”.

……and they SURE don’t like being called heroes….

…we think their actions speak for themselves…..

….one more thing…we would also like to recognize an outstanding citizen who went above and beyond that day…..he is a Vietnam War veteran and his name is Alfred Stamps. Mr. Stamps helped us get Lieutenant Augustine to the ambulance and to the medical care he so desperately needed. He did this by allowing the officers to lift Lieutenant Augustine into the back of his pickup, then driving to the ambulance, which was staging down the road from the incident, while Sergeant Henson cared for and held on to Lieutenant Augustine in the bed of the truck. We will be forever grateful for Mr. Stamps and the role he played on that day.

There are so many others we need to thank, but we will leave that for another post. ‪#‎EverydayHeroes‬ ‪#‎ThankYou‬



Washington County Sheriff’s Office


The Original story of what happened can be found here : Washington County, Ar. Sheriff’s Office Deputy shot attempting to help suicidal man

It has been reported that Lt. Augustine is still in the hospital after surgery and in considerable pain after having a shotgun slug destroy the ball joint of his left hip. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. He has a long road to travel and needs our support.

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