Union County, N.J. deputy makes 4 year old’s birthday wish come true

Jeremy Diaz who was going to turn 4 wanted only one thing for his birthday to meet and have his picture taken with a real live police officer. But he didn’t think it would happen. Until ……

Jeremey’s godmother drove him to the Roselle Park First Aid Squad hoping that she could get a photo with a member of the squad to suffice Jeremy’s wish. When she arrived she met a woman named Kymm Balinth who was a member of the squad who was waiting to get off duty. 

She explained to Balinth that her godson wanted his photo taken and that she had driven him to a local Police Station but that all the officers were tied up on something and would not be available for quite some time. That it was getting late and Jeremy would have to go to bed soon.

The woman had hoped that someone in uniform would take a photo with Jeremy, although apparently Jeremy would not be satisfied without a Policeman there as he knew the difference. Luckily Balinth who saw the disappointment in the little boy’s eyes was able to fulfil his wish simply by calling an honorary member of the first aid squad who also just happened to be a Police officer and she knew he would come out for Jeremy because that Police officer happened to be her son!

Johnathan Regan who is a Deputy for the Union County Sheriff’s Department had just gotten off Duty , had gotten changed and was sitting down to dinner when he got the call from his mother about Jeremy. Johnathan left his dinner, got back into his uniform and proceeded back down to the Roselle Park First Aid Squad to meet Jeremy to fulfil his 4th year birthday wish.

The little boy was star struck, asked a ton of questions as the two toured the station and had their picture taken together. The Deputy answered all young Jeremy’s questions about his uniform and job to satisfaction.

“The boy’s face lit up,” she said. “He asked John if he was a real live policeman. The child jumped out of his godmother’s arms and ran over asking all kinds of questions about his belt, equipment, hat, badge etc.” Balinth said.

“We always encourage our Sheriff’s Officers to reach out and interact in positive ways with our community, and in doing so, Sheriff’s Officer Johnathan Regan not only helped to spread good will, but also made the day of a young child,” Union County Sheriff Joseph Cryan said in a statement sent to New Jersey 101.5. “We commend him for his efforts.”

Union County Deputy Johnathan Regan with Jeremy (Photo Credit: Kymm Balinth)

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