Update on Greenville, S.C. police officer killed

The Greenville, Police Department has released information on the officer that was killed in todays incident. They stated that the officer’s name was Allen Jacobs, 28. That Officer Jacobs was married and the father of two young boys. His wife is pregnant with the couple’s daughter, due to be born in July. 

Officer Jacobs had served in the United States Army. He was a decorated Iraq war veteran. Officer Jacobs joined the GPD in August 2011, and in August 2015, was promoted to the rank of Police Officer III. In addition to serving on the Community Response Team, he was also a member of the S.W.A.T. team.

The Officer was a member of the community liaison and had made many strides toward helping community members and creating a positive bond with them.

Greenville Police wrote on their Facebook page “Rest in peace Unit 32. We have the watch from here.”

As stated previousley here, it is believed that when Officer Jacobs was fired upon and struck multiple times that no officers returned fire. Jacobs’ weapon was still holstered and he was wearing a bullet-proof vest. Officers on the scene gave him immediate emergency first aid in an attempt to save his life.

The suspect Deontea Perry Mackey, 17 a gang member and that he had shot himself after realizing he could not escape Police. The suspect is believed to have called his mother just prior to shooting himself. Officers also tried to save the 17 year old with first aid procedures prior to EMS arriving without success.

New information stated that the 17 year old was not being taken in on a warrant but that Officers attempted to stop and talk to him about a weapon. That is when the youth ran and was chased by officers.

Updated: Mackey was arrested in March 2015 for strong arm robbery. He was convicted and sentenced to 10-years suspended for 251 days time served.





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