Stanislaus County, Ca. Sheriff’s Deputy (off duty) pushes wheelchair bound man a mile to help him

Gino Valdez is bound to his motorized wheelchair and has an arm in a sling. his motorized wheelchair broke down and the elderly man had no cell phone. Thankfully there was an off duty deputy there willing to give him a helping push .. for the next mile. As reported by the Modesto Bee the elderly gentleman had broken down and had no one to assist him. yet a deputy that was off duty saw him struggling as he attempted to push is wheelchair with one arm.

Diana Barron was quick to lend the gentleman assistance and engage him in some conversation as she pushed his chair the mile he needed to travel to get home.

The two have become fast friends as he spoke to her about his four children and two of them being in the military. The two people separated by generations have decided to have dinner together to foster their friendship.

Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson said of his Deputy “Her willingness to help someone in need exemplifies what it means to be a deputy sheriff.”

Stanislaus County Sheriff


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