EVMS Lt. Jack Munley has been paying it forward for along time now he asks for help to do more

Eastern Virginia Medical School Police Lt. jack Munley has been donating to the homeless for quite a while out of his own pocket. Now he fears cold weather may be overwhelming for people and is seeking help. The Lt. stated that he meets homeless people all the time. That they will ask him for items that are necessary to live with, like proper footwear, gloves, blankets, jackets and even food.

He stated that normally he would just run and go to the store to buy what he could for these needy people who he could see needed help. But that he no longer has the funds to help everyone that is coming to him in desperation.

He would invite people that were homeless and on the street to go with him to lunch to make sure that they ate. When they were cold outside he saw people walking without gloves, using socks to keep their hands warm.

He stated “I can’t look away. I just cannot look away. When I see somebody who comes up to me and asks for boots or asks me for gloves or hats, how do you say no?”

So many people have individual needs that Munley has started making lists of items that particular people need to try and get the items for them. But he is having difficulty fulfilling all the needs that are currently on his list.

He has started a GoFundMe page to accept donations to help buy particular items that these homeless people need. He is also asking local businesses especially ones that supply food if they will donate gift cards for meals for these homeless people.

The GoFundMe page is called Help the homeless and can be accessed here:

Help the homeless

He stated “When a person comes up and says thank you, and you give to someone who has no means to give back that’s really truly giving.”

His hope is to help these people get back on their feet to be able to get jobs and help themselves. But most important to him right now is ensuring that they have the necessities to just survive.

Lt. Munley helping the less fortunate (Photo Credit  (WAVY))
Lt. Munley helping the less fortunate (Photo Credit (WAVY))

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