Boston, Mass officer pays it forward to 68 yer old man in distress

Boston, Mass> A sergeant with the Boston Police Department went above and beyond recently to assist a 68 year old man who was in distress. The 68 year old man named Italo Franchi has mistakenly parked in a tow away zone and couldn’t find his vehicle. He was in sever distress worrying about his wife who  was in thee hosiptal.

Franchi who spoke in a heavy Italian accent explained “I go over there, no car. My face goes white,” The man had attempted to follow an ambulance that was taking his wife to the Hospital for emergency treatment.

Franchi started walking frantically until he saw Sgt. Timothy Gaughan who was walking as well. Gaughan stated he could hear Franchi screaming for help. He turned to see Franchi and observed that the elderly man was out of breath, nervous and losing his skin tone from over exertion.

The Sgt. attempted to gain as much information as he could from Franchi through the thick accent. He finally understood that  the mans vehicle had been towed.  The Sgt. looked up where the vehicle had been towed to and offered the elderly man a ride to the Tow Company where he could retrieve his vehicle.

When they arrived Franchi learned that the cost of the tow was $99.00 but didn’t have the funds to pay for it to be released. That is when Sgt. Gaughan went above and beyond.

Taking $100.00 out of his pocket he paid for the vehicle to be released to Franchi so the man could get to the hospital and see his ailing wife. While the elderly man promised to pay him back, Teh Sgt. Stated he wasn’t worried about it and to accept the $100. as a gift from him in a time of need.

THe deed did not go unnoticed. Franchi’s son-in-law contacted the Department and Sgt. Gaughan to find out where to send the $100. as repayment. The Sgt. stated that he didn’t want the money back but that if the man felt the need to donate he could send the money to a local fund raiser for to benefit the family of retired Boston officer Mark DeLuca, who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a motorcycle crash three years ago.

The elder Franchi was contacted by The Boston Herald and stated that he as extremely grateful for the Sgt.’s act of compassion and stated ““He’s nice,” he said. “I want to say, ‘Thank you very much’ and, ‘I’m going to return the $99.’ He saved me.”

Boston Police Sergeant Tim Gaughan (Credit: Boston Herald)
Boston Police Sergeant Tim Gaughan (Credit: Boston Herald)


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