Texas Game Warden Prays with a man who has lost everything

Sometimes all an Officer can do is offer comfort and support in the form of words. But when they are from the heart they mean something to the persons that are suffering.  Texas Game Wardens  Shared the following post from one of their Officers.

Texas Game Warden James Barge offers a man his support in prayer
Texas Game Warden James Barge offers a man his support in prayer

Here is the story behind the photo from Texas Game Warden James Barge:

I was fueling my boat this morning in Deweyville when I was approached by this man. He asked if he could get back into his home yet and I had to tell him no. He is broken hearted and said that this was the second time that he had lost everything. He also said that the only thing that he had left to lose was his daughters. He is living in his truck but he didn’t ask for a handout and asked for work instead. He is a welder by trade and has is own truck and machines. He can weld on aluminum or steel. I don’t know anything about his work but I have respect for him for wanting to go to work. If anybody has enough welding to help him let me know and I’ll put y’all together.

A fellow officer took this picture of me praying with him at the gas station without me knowing and sent it to me. I ask you to do what I’ve already done for him and all the other folks in the area. Pray for him and the others just like him. He says he was raised in the church but his faith is sure getting weak. I can’t imagine what these folks are going through.

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