Officer shot in Fort Worth identified; remains in critical condition

Fort Worth police officer Matt Pearce, 36, who has been with the department since 2009, is the officer who was shot multiple times during a gunfight Tuesday afternoon. He remains in critical condition and is “still fighting,” Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald said

Officer Pearce was assisting a Fugitive task force in making a traffic stop of the two individuals who would eventually attempt to murder him. The two men Ed R. McIver, 42 and his son Ed R. McIver Jr., 20 had been spotted by members of the task force.  Authorities had warrants for the elder McIver for assault, interference with an emergency call and two others for skipping out on bail. A Fort Worth news release included the offenses of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and aggravated assault/family violence.

Ed R. McIver was released on mandatory supervision from prison in April 2008 after servingy less than five years for a variety of convictions, including theft of livestock, evading arrest with a motor vehicle, aggravated assault of a public servant, burglary of a building and criminal non-support.
It was decided that a patrol officer should pull the pair over prior to an arrest being made on the warrants that they were being sought for. When Officer Pearce attempted to stop the two fugitives they attempted to evade him and then opened fire on the Officer striking him 7 times – once in the cheek, twice in the arm, twice in the chest and twice in the leg, with one hitting his diaphragm and liver.

The officer managed to return fire while he was under attack. Other officers converged on the area quickly as well. The elder of the two wanted persons Ed R. McIver was mortally wounded at the scene and his son fled on foot. Over 100 Officers searched for several hours before locating him and taking him into custody without further incident. McIver Jr. faces charges of attempted capital murder, evading arrest and unlawful carrying of a weapon he is in Jail with his bond set at more than $2 million.

Officer Pearce was taken by helicopter to a trauma center where he remains in critical condition and is still fighting.

Chief of Police Fitzgerald said “We all know what we sign up for, but we don’t sign up for being shot,” He added in the press conference “I don’t know that most people outside of law enforcement understand what it takes to walk into a situation where you know someone is armed and you know gunfire has already been exchanged, but you still walk forward,” Fitzgerald said.

Mayor Betsy Price praised all the involved officers as heroes. “These are young men and women that are trained to go into danger when we’re all trained to retreat,” Price said.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to assist the Officer in his time of need. If it is within your means to help support him and his family during this time you may visit the link here:

Matt Pearce Family Fund

They write on the GoFundMe page:

On March 15, 2016, Matt Pearce, a police officer in Fort Worth TX, pulled over two men.  One of them was wanted with several warrants.  He shot at Matt, hitting him 7 times – once in the cheek, twice in the arm, twice in the chest and twice in the leg, with one hitting his diaphragm and liver.  His femur was fractured, and his heart bruised.  Matt was declared in critical condition when he arrived at a nearby hospital.  We, his friends, want to ensure that his immediate family – his wife and their two little girls, one barely a year old, and one three, are taken care of, and that money is the last thing on their minds during this time.

This campaign is to help our brother, friend, and hero Matt and his family through these times.  As people know who have been through events like these, there will be many hidden expenses that will not be covered, including his wife’s time off work that the family will have to contend with, in addition to unknowns due to months of physical therapy, and expenses of their children.

Please consider helping make this event for Matt and his family as smooth as possible.  Thank you on behalf of Matt, his brothers, friends and family.  All funds go directly to him.

Campaign Creator Identification:
Q: Who set this up?  How do I know this campaign is legitimate?
A:  My name is Josh DeWinter. I am a friend of Matt’s, and I created this campaign for him when I heard what happened.  We met in college at Washington State University, where we were in the same fraternity, Beta Theta Pi.  Look up my Facebook profile at  where you will see numerous photos of Matt and I together that I have made public, including some showing me in his wedding.  Feel free to message me or even call me (please message me on Facebook for my number).

Matt has been set as the sole beneficiary of the funds from this campaign, but this is being changed.  I am in the process of requesting that his wife become the beneficiary, in the event of a long recovery where he can’t use a computer, or the unthinkable happens.

The location of the fund says “Lake Stevens, WA”, which is my location.  Matt is in Fort Worth TX.



This is an update to “Fort Worth, Tx. Officer shot, suspect dead second suspect being sought



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