Helena, Al. Officer saves man in Motor vehicle accident

Officers respond to horrific accident scene where a man had severed his arm. Using emergency techniques and tools the man was saved.

First reported in a news release by the Helena, Alabama Police Department  Which read: 

At 4:01 p.m. on Sunday March 13, 2016, Helena Police 911 Center received a call of a motor vehicle accident with injuries in the area of Highway 17/Helena Parkway and Fox Valley Farms adjacent to the south city limits. Upon arrival, Helena Sergeant Charles Hudson and Officers Michael Nelson and Michael Taquino observed a black Ford F150 with severe damage approximately 75 yards off the roadway in an open pasture.

Sgt. Hudson immediately ran towards the vehicle to check on the condition of the driver while Officer’s Nelson and Taquino located witnesses and secured the scene for arrival of the Fire Department, before rushing to assist Sgt. Hudson. When he arrived at the wrecked vehicle, Sgt. Hudson found the driver seriously injured with a severed left arm and bleeding profusely from the severed limb.

Sgt. Hudson knew that if he was not able to stop the bleeding, the driver could die as a result of blood loss. He then immediately applied his department issued rescue tourniquet to the affected limb and was able to stop the severe bleeding until Paramedics arrived.

The victim was then transported to University Hospital by Lifesaver helicopter in critical, but stable condition. An off duty EMT arrived on the scene and immediately located the severed limb in the roadway and packed it in ice in a way as to ensure the best chance of reattachment at the hospital.
The Helena Police Department conducted in service training just 2 weeks ago where all officers were trained in the use of a tourniquet and basic trauma medical care. With this training and equipment, Sgt. Husdon was able to stop the subject from bleeding and kept him alive until Paramedics were able to provide advanced emergency medical care. We are very fortunate to have many officers just like Sgt. Hudson who are trained well above the required standard and stand ready to serve and protect our residents.
Well done Sgt. Hudson!!!



Later the Helena Police Chief Pete Folmar was interviewed by the Shelby County Reporter and stated:

“The city purchased those tourniquets for us and Lt. Flynn and some others went to training classes for an active shooter situation and they talked about how important the tourniquets could be,” said Folmar. “If there is an active shooter situation, the medics can’t normally get to the scene. If someone has been shot and is losing a lot of blood, officers have the ability to use the tourniquets in those situations now. The tourniquets also have a much larger application than just active shooter situations, just like what happened with this wreck. “I can’t tell you 100 percent that he saved that gentleman’s life, but I think that’s a pretty good bet. At that point no 911 call had been made other than Charlie calling it in on the radio. It would’ve been several minutes for the police and fire but the difference was Charlie was there, he had the tools he needed and he had the training to use them.”

Helena, Al. Sgt. Hudson with Mayor Mark Hall (Credit: Graham Brooks)

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