Brook Park, Oh. Officer helps driver in frantic moments before train hits van

Officer from Brook Park Ohio rushes forward to evacuate man from his disabled vehicle before a freight train strikes it.

March 11, 2016 An AT&T driver narrowly escaped being injured when a freight train collided with his vehicle that was stuck on the rail road tracks. 

Thanks to Officer Harold Duncan who saw the vehicle that had been disabled on the tracks and heard the train he rushed forward to move the driver from the crash area that would have injured him during the next few moments.

The driver had been attempting to retrieve personal possessions from the vehicle before he left it knowing that the train was coming. However he apparently was so consumed with the task at hand he did not realize the impending danger he was facing.

Officer Duncan made sure that the man was far enough from the impending impact area to ensure the man’s safety.

The vehicle had become stuck on the tracks when the driver ignored safety warning signals of an oncoming train and went around a stopped vehicle thinking he had enough time to cross the tracks before the train passed. The vehicle became stuck on the tracks and the driver was unable to move the vehicle any further.

The entire collision was captured on video and submitted to Fox8 Cleveland. Video of a train hitting that van was shot by Middleburg Heights City Councilman Bill Meany. Meany said of the officer “He pulled the guy further out of the way than he was because he knew that that car was going to explode and the debris field would have probably hit him,”

The driver of the vehicle stated that he was unable to discuss the incident but that he was very grateful to the Officer for being there.

Dash cam Footage from the Police car of officer Duncan Shows the event here (mirrored) from the Brook Park Police Department


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