Prince George’s County Police update on suspects who killed Officer Jacai Colson

Prince George’s County Police Department announces third brother in custody in connection with slaying of officer Jacai Colson:

According to sources, family members of the persons in custody for the murder of Officer Jacai Colson are named Malik and Michael Ford. The Prince George’s County Police Department has made a statement that a third brother has been taken into custody as well. They have not officially named the suspects at this time however.

It is also believed that the trio recorded their assault on the Police Station that resulted in the death of Officer Colson. The two brothers were apparently sitting in their vehicles near the District III police station in Palmer Park when their brother started shooting and that they were recording the entire thing on video using their cell phones.

The videos are now in Police custody and being reviewed as evidence.

Police Chief Henry P. Stawinski III said a man walked up to the District III station and opened fire outside the front doors about 4:30 p.m. Sunday in what he described as an “unprovoked attack.” There is no motive known for the attack at all. Stawinski said the incident “wasn’t about anything.” “He opened fire on the first police officer he saw,”

The grandmother of the boys Deidre Ramos, 60, of Hyattsville, said Malik and Michael Ford were arrested in connection with the shooting but she said police had the wrong suspects. “They weren’t involved,” she said. Asked if police arrested the wrong people, she said, “Yes.”

Shante Ramos, an aunt of all three suspects, said that Michael Ford suffers from Bipolar disorder and confirmed with the newspaper that he was the one who was shot.

“We have no idea what sparked this,” she said. “We can’t believe this is happening. We are so sad for this officer dying. We have no idea what happened.”



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