Prince George’s County Police Officer ambushed near station

28 year old Officer murdered 2 suspects in custody

March 13, 2016 Prince George’s County, M.D. at about 4:30 P.M. Officer Jacai Colson was murdered outside the District III headquarters in an ambush style attack by two shooters as he neared the station. 

The Officer who worked as an undercover officer would have celebrated his 29th birthday on Thursday had he survived. He was immediately rushed to the Trauma Center Prince George’s Hospital Center in Cheverly where the 4 year veteran was pronounced dead.

The unprovoked attack took place near the Police headquarters and two suspects were taken into custody not far from where the incident occurred near a local Popeye’s restaurant.

One of the attackers was immediately engaged by other officers who injured him at the scene. He was placed under arrest and given medical attention immediately. The gunman is expected to survive. The second suspect was taken into custody without any injury reported.

The attacker’s names or motive for the attack has not been released by officials at this time.

Prince George’s County Police Officer Jacai Colson
Prince George’s County Police Officer Jacai Colson E.O.W. 03-13-2016

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