Chester, Pa. Police stop vehicle, Officer shot, Suspects 1 killed, 1 wounded

A suspected stolen vehicle was stopped in Chester, Pa. on March 12, 2016. When Occupants refused to comply with Officers a Captain was Shot, Officers returned fire leaving one person dead and another injured.

Chester, Pa. A report of a stolen vehicle spotted by officers of the Chester Police Department prompted the stop of a vehicle Saturday afternoon near the intersection of Parker and Union streets.  Officers were captured on video ordering the occupants to get out of the vehicle multiple times without success. Eventually Captain Alan Davis, a 25-year veteran of the force finally approached the passengers door of the vehicle an opened it. He was shot in the arm as can be seen in the video footage that was obtained exclusively by 6ABC. As he retreated a hail of gunfire erupted from officers in self-defense.

One suspect inside the vehicle was killed and another was wounded. The captain was taken to Crozer Chester Medical Center where he was originally listed as in critical condition and is now upgraded to as serious but stable condition.

A second suspect remained hospitalized at Crozer-Chester in critical but stable condition, authorities said.

A third suspect was taken into custody as well who was uninjured.

After the initial shooting incident a crowd gathered as Police attended the scene and attempted to answer questions from people that had gathered. What initially had begun as a small crowd turned violent as people began shouting vulgarities at the Police, pushing in on them and eventually throwing objects at them. The result was that the police used pepper spray to disperse the crowd.

People who had been part of the crowd stated that they had done nothing wrong and that the police had pepper sprayed them for no apparent reason; however the objects being thrown at the Officers were also caught on video by reporting news crews as well as the violent rhetoric and crowding of officers threatening their safety.

Apparently the main reason that protestors were agitated over the incident was that they state the Police had the wrong vehicle and that the occupants did not steal it. They give no mention that the occupants shot a Police officer instead of just providing proof of ownership or complying with officers to begin with.

Chester Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland praised the restraint exercised by police during the incident. Kirkland told reporters on Sunday that the city’s deputy police commissioner was hit by a brick during the scuffle.

Kirkland and other officials declined to release new details, but stressed a full investigation is underway.

Pepper spray and large fight breaking out at scene of Chester shooting. Crowd very angry @NBCPhiladelphia


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