Flagler County, Fl. Sheriff’s deputy rescues woman trapped in submerging overturned vehicle

Flagler County, Fl. Sheriff’s Office  Deputy saved the life of a young woman who was trapped in an overturned vehicle in water. The woman who had been trapped upside down for over 45 minutes managed to contact the Sheriff’s Department after she cut her seat belt off but was still unable to free herself from the over turned vehicle. The water was slowly rising threatening to drowned her.

Deputy Aaron Beausoleil who has been with the department about 1 year arrived on the scene and broke open a window then extracted the young woman saving her life. The Sheriff’s Office posted the following news release regarding the event:

Flagler County sheriff’s Deputy Aaron Beausoleil, 24, was first on the scene early today to investigate a single-vehicle crash, which left the driver trapped upside down in her overturned red Toyota Tacoma truck in a watery 6-foot ditch at 380 County Road 80 in Bunnell.
When he arrived at the scene at about 1:41 a.m., Beausoleil (pronounced BU-so-lay) said he couldn’t see the lone person in the vehicle, identified as Brandy Demarco, but her door was locked and he could hear her.
“She was yelling. I told her I was going to use my baton to smash the window,’’ Beausoleil said. “The water level wasn’t that high. But there was water coming inside the cab. It was definitely a bad situation.’’
Beausoleil and another deputy pulled Demarco, 21, out of the vehicle and calmed her down. She suffered minor injuries, including a bruised left shin, and declined medical attention. Demarco of Bunnell told rescuers she was traveling west on County Road 80 just before 1 a.m. when she swerved to miss hitting deer that ran across her path. Her vehicle overturned and landed in the ditch. The woman was trapped for 45 minutes before deputies arrived. She managed to cut her seat belt but was unable to get free of the vehicle and said water was filling up inside.
Rescuing the young crash victim has given Beausoleil a boost. “ It’s a good feeling.’’ Page 1 of Beausoleil, a member of the FCSO road patrol, has worked for the Sheriff’s Office just over a year, having begun Jan. 21, 2015. His actions Thursday morning exemplify the agency’s high standards and service to the community, Sheriff James L. Manfre said. “I’m very proud of our deputy. He did exactly what he’s trained to do, and we had a good outcome from a bad situation.’’
Flagler  County, Fl. Sheriff's Deputy Aaron Beausoleil
Flagler County, Fl. Sheriff’s Deputy Aaron Beausoleil

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