Northbridge Police Officer Saves life of 6 month old

20 year Veteran Officer Kristina Westbury performs emergency procedure on roadside

On March 2, 2016 Kerrie Hendie was driving down the roadway with her granddaughter Addisyn who is 6 months old. Addisyn has had medical issues all her short life and requires a trach tube to breathe with. 


The baby began to make noises indicating the trach tube was clogged and the baby was not receiving oxygen. Then the baby turned blue and grey.

Naturally Hendie was panic stricken and flagged down the first person on the road that she saw. Luckily that person was Officer Westbury who, although had never performed an emergency trach swap was prepared to do whatever she could to save Addisyn’s life.

Although not many details are available, it must be assumed that the veterans training and experience in handling stressful situations was enough to carry her through this little one’s precious life and death situation.  The evidence can be seen in Addisyn’s smile and Hendie’s tears of gratitude.

Officer Westbury we salute you on a job well done and an adorable life saved.

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