Jumpin News from Gainesville, Fla. Police Officer Bobby “The Basketball Cop”

Gainesville, Fla. Police Officer Bobby “The Basketball Cop” White showing us some behind the scenes work he is doing with the #‎HoopsNotCrime‬ project he started.

Some exciting news from Gainesville especially for people involved in community efforts who #backtheblue  the #‎HoopsNotCrime‬ projects are really taking off and we have updates on that. These programs are essential for the youth today, either they get involved with good wholesome practices or they will find other activities that will generally get them into trouble. This is a very positive step toward helping kids in the area for the community.

As you may remember Officer White was originally sent out on a disturbance complaint of youths playing ball in the street. Instead of over reacting he saw it for what it was, a very good thing that they were playing ball instead of vandalizing places or causing trouble. He did some good old fashioned community policing.

Other people noticed the original complaint as well though. It didn’t get nearly as much attention, but we saw it. The important lesson here is that a LOT of people saw it and it means a lot to people when they see Officers making contact with kids in the area that is positive. It builds community relations.

After a lot of hard work Officer white finally got some help in a big way with some star power with the likes of Shaquille O’Neal and Globetrotters Buckets Blakes

Gainesville PD On Duty March 20160459

Yesterday Gainsville, PD did a very extensive interview and behind the scenes look at his most recent projects here showing us what community members are doing for the kids in the Gainsville area.


Please continue to follow Officer Bobby “TheBasketball Cop” through his Facebook page and support him through his GoFundMe Page called “BasketballCop Foundation”.

There is tons of media there, videos of projects, interviews, photos, you can see how he is progressing and find out how you can help.  You can find him on Twitter as well @BasketballCop



All Photos Credit Bobby White

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