St. Louis Mo. Officers accused of “pulling guns” on black children, cleared by dash cameras

“SLMPD offices stormed a car filled with babies, guns drawn, for NO reason saving driving while Black. Not even a broken taillight.” (Except it didn’t happen!)

Once again Social media erupted with false allegations of Officers running around like crazed thugs terrorizing community members. Two officers were actually singled out by name brought under internal investigation and had to defend their actions. Their only crime? They gave the driver a break! 

That’s right, they gave the driver and family a break. Allowing a driver to switch spots with a passenger who had a valid license. The Officer can be clearly understood saying he believed that there was a paperwork error in DMV or something so he allowed the driver to switch places with a passenger who had a valid license.

The first to post this was on Facebook:

Katherine Ann February 28 at 11:14pm ·

SLMPD offices stormed a car filled with babies, guns drawn, for NO reason saving driving while Black. Not even a broken taillight.

Beware SLMPD Officers Steven and Garrison.

(7) Katherine Ann - SLMPD offices stormed a car filled with babies,..._2016-03-04_14-33-56

From there it started spreading like wildfire to:

(6) Melissa Bennett_2016-03-04_14-33-19

Melissa Bennett February 29 at 12:16am · St. Louis, MO, United States ·

Tonight, the police pulled guns while my 2 year old nephew and 5 month old neice where in the car. The 2 year old reached for his Mother(my neice). The police yelled at him, told him to get back, and told him not to move. The guns were pulled out the entire time My family was harassed and followed….. Modern day terrorism. One of the passengers looked at the police. Soon they were pulled over. They were getting out of church. When we met soon after, the young adults were afraid to drive home…. Terrified. Tonight it hit my family. Tonight I will speak out. Tonight….Lord, tonight. I will not rest. I will keep going… Tonight…

(7) Melissa Bennett_2016-03-04_14-33-37.jpg

It just gets better every time it is retold. By the time it hits Twitter some 17 hours later there is a masterpiece calling for demonstrations!

Dar on Twitter_ _#BabyDollProtest @ @SLMPD HQ @ 7pm tonight. 1915 Olive St., #ST_2016-03-04_14-37-28.jpg

Naturally the two officers are held accountable. They are targeted not only by the community, for NOT writing tickets and just allowing the driver to switch sides with the passenger and go on their way.

Thankfully the St. Louis Police Department released dash cam footage showing that the Officer did nothing wrong. In fact he never raised his voice at all. He was a professional and gave the family a break. The nation should praise him for his efforts and denounce the people who are attempting to drive wedges between officers and the communities that they protect and serve.

This split screen video provided by StLouisMetroPD shows the views of both police car cameras simultaneously, making the event easier to follow.

In the video you can CLEARLY see the Officer – his hand never reaches for his weapon. He never puts his weapon away. He never raises his voice and he talks calmly through the entire video stating that they are just a family going to church. That he is going to give them a break.

I repeated that because I now ask does it appear that Officers “offices stormed a car filled with babies, guns drawn”?

Does this video show that “The guns were pulled out the entire time” as stated by the posters?

Did the Officers have “their guns drawn and pointed”?

Yet I guarantee you the protesters that showed up at the SLPD still believe this event happened and will be one of those events that continues to grow.

This Video shows Both cameras one after another as provided by the StLouisMetroPD.




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