Glendale, Az. Police officer helps ailing mother of 2 toddlers

Glendale Sgt Finds kids selling toys on busy intersection – pays it forward to small family

It all began out of desperation of a mother named April Casey who was unable to meet the daily bills after having seizures and being unable to work. Struggling and not getting any help with bills she found the only way to make money was to pack up her children’s toys and sell them.   

She took her two children 14 moth old Ethan and 4 year old Skyler to the busy intersections of 67th Avenue, Northern Avenue and Grand Avenue in Glendale, Az. where the children sat with their toys and a sign that proclaimed “Kids toys, single mom needs help!”.  She hoped to raise enough money to buy essentials for the children to survive.

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Shortly after putting up the children’s toys for sale Glendale Police Sergeant Jeff Turney Patrolled by seeing the kids near the busy intersection and stopped out of concern for their safety. He spoke with Casey and asked her what she was doing. Casey was afraid she would be ticketed or arrested for having placed her children in such a dangerous situation.

“I saw April with her children, with toys spread out on the ground,” Turney recalls, “I told her she couldn’t have her children out there. It was too dangerous to have her children out there along the edge of the road.”

Casey explained her situation to the Sgt. That she had been working but had seizures, was no longer able to work and had no money to pay for necessities. This was the only way to pay for what her children needed now.  She stated “I don’t have anything and I’ve got to come up with money for rent and bills and diapers, I’ve been in a really tough situation lately and no one has really helped us,” says Casey.

Casey was about to leave with her children when the Officer told her to wait, he wasn’t quite finished with her. He wanted to take her to the store to buy the necessary items that the small family needed. Casey was happily shocked as nobody had helped them in her time of desperation.

Glendale police sergeant buys groceries for struggling single mo - KCTV5066

“I told him I needed diapers,” Casey remembers, “He said, ‘Why don’t we go down to the store and I’ll get you guys what you need.'”

They went to a nearby store, where Turney used his own money to buy the family diapers, wipes and food.

“She didn’t buy anything but things for the kids,” Turney noticed. “I practically had to force her back to the grocery section to get food for herself.”

Glendale police sergeant buys groceries for struggling single mo - KCTV5002

“I wasn’t even worried about myself at the time. I was just worrying about my kids, that they had what they needed. That’s what I was doing out there in the first place,” says Casey, “What Sergeant Turney did for us was amazing and I will be forever grateful.”

Sgt. Turney’s wife said that he does these acts of kindness so often that she has given him an allowance every week to do them.

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