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A story of an Officer you don’t want to miss!

Officer Anna Mercado is a Cleveland Police D.A.R.E. Officer working with kids teaching them about drug abuse and self-esteem. Helping them work with peer pressure and navigating the tough issues that kids face growing up. She is by nature of being a D.A.R.E. officer concerned with high risk kids. So she volunteered to spend her own time taking five young girls to an advanced screening of Disney’s animated movie Zootopia. Of course that would be after her shift.

So after she completed her shift, while she was on her way home she saw three males running and a woman running after them. She realized that the woman had been robbed. Mercado told Fox8 “As I was going up 24th street, I saw three males running with a female running behind them.  So instantly, I thought they robbed her. So I pulled over and got out, Part of me was like, oh, I am going to be late for my appointment.  The other part was like, you have to stop.  As an officer, it is.  It’s part of our instincts.  When you see something happening, you just have to react,”

With the help of a good Samaritan she was able to apprehend one of the robbery suspects and handcuff him. After the arrest she was still able to take the young girls to the movie which very fittingly features a female detective trying to prove she is a good cop.

D.A.R.E. Officer’s are great ..

Photo Credit Cleveland Police
Photo Credit Cleveland Police


The Ceveland Police Posted The following on their Facebook page about the incident:

How did you spend Leap Day? Officer Anna Mercado of Community Policing, the Cleveland Police Foundation’s Officer of the Year for 2014, had a very interesting Leap Day. She worked her 8 hours, on the way home witnessed a robbery, chased down one of the suspects with the help of a valiant and brave citizen, then took the time to take several young ladies to an advanced screening of Disney’s animated movie Zootopia. Anna volunteered and took the kids to the movie on her own time, because she is an amazing police officer, an amazing woman, and an amazing example to all females that don that blue uniform and take the oath to protect the people of this city!! How fitting that the movie features a female detective set out to prove she is as good a cop as any man!! Anna and these young fans celebrated Leap Day with Officer Judy Hopps while enjoying @DisneyZootopia before the movie opens in theaters this Friday, 3/4. #Zootopia

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