Anniston, Al. Police Officer Assists impaired woman

From the Anniston, Al. Police Facebook Page:  A story of an Officer who goes out of his way to help a physically impaired woman. This is Officer McMichael. He was called to assist with a hearing impaired citizen who called 911 for assistance. McMichael is fluent in sign language.

The citizen has no family here, no vehicle…but more importantly no food in her apartment. McMichael called his supervisor and explained the situation.

The very grateful lady was taken to the store by McMichael where she got a few days worth of groceries.

Things like this happen everyday all over Anniston, Calhoun County, Alabama, and America!

Thank you, Officer McMichael. Compassion is a very important trait to do the job you do.

Anniston Police Department Officer McMichael
Anniston Police Department Officer McMichael

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