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Alpena County, Mi. Routine traffic stop turns deadly in a heartbeat.

February 24, 2016 Alpena County, Mi. Deputy Steven Slominski was patrolling during a severe snowstorm when his vehicle was passed by another motorist in poor road conditions. Just another routine traffic stop or so it would seem. 

Due to the severity of road conditions and the safety issues Deputy Slominski pulled over the motorist near M-32 and M-65. It would be a routine traffic stop, anyother day that is.

While the Deputy was walking back to his vehicle the camera mounted in his cruiser caught the next few seconds of dramatic video that almost ended his life.

For whatever reason, another vehicle crossed the lanes and struck Deputy Slominski from behind.

“At the time of the crash it was the heavy snow and wind creating some blizzard like conditions,” Michigan State Police Alpena Post Sgt. Joe Richards said. :I’m sure there were periodic white outs at the time.”

“I don’t know what caused this gentleman, if he became fixated on the lights, if the amount of snow on the road led him to not be able to handle his car at the speed he was going,” Sgt. Richards said. “It was my understanding that he did strike the patrol car at a fairly high rate of speed.”

“Had he not made contact with the patrol car first, the results could have been a lot worse.”

But the Sheriff’s Department is just happy Deputy Slominski is in stable condition.

“Relieved,” Sheriff Kieliszewski said. “Relieved is the big word, yeah absolutely, for him and his family. You know he’s a great guy, great family, great family man. Good guy, good deputy.”

Source: 9and10 News

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