How many candles will be enough?

In the month of February we now have a total of 10 Police Officers that have died in the line of duty trying to do nothing more than serve the community. Let us recap shall we? Officers have attempted to use “Tasers” on people that were ineffective and were killed in the process for their efforts. That accounted for TWO officers dying.. 20% of the fatalities.

Sitting and talking to a person got one Deputy Shot in the head in a restaurant when the man was mentally disturbed and bothering patrons. The Deputies Back up was also killed in the parking lot.

3 were responding to domestic disputes.

1 Was executing a search warrant

1 Was executing an arrest warrant

1 Was executing an eviction notice

1 Was performing a search and rescue

Leaving behind 6 wives, 1 fiancé, 15 children, 3 adopted children, countless brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers and other relatives. We haven’t even begun to count the friends, co-workers and associates that will mourn them.

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Yet now we have ‘better’ ways of policing our streets. Well that’s good news right?

Why just today I read that NYC has come out with a plan to train NYPD Officers. They are saying that “Cops should “take a deep breath’’ — and close their eyes — when dealing with angry people, according to the NYPD’s new “retraining’’ program.

Close your eyes when dealing with an angry person? If you have never been in the situation of dealing with a volatile person, this advice is akin to saying to a person who is drowning – “when you go down for the third time take a deep breath”.

Nothing could be worse than denying every sense you have at your disposal to be working when you need them the most during these crucial times. Closing your eyes and losing your sight, which communicates body language making up 80% of all communication is about the worst thing that anybody can do during any confrontational event. Maintaining control and composure is extremely important. But closing your eyes and taking a mini vacation is NOT the way to do it. (yes I went there sorry for the mini rant – but my brothers and sisters lives are too important)

I ask you, have we had enough of being “Politically Correct” yet? We have the best trained Police in the world yet we are taking information from other Countries that do not have our demographics, our problems or our culture. Yet here we are implementing their strategies to our Policing all for the sake of being politically correct.
How long before we end up with their results?


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